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Hely Pressefoto by Ebener 1

HELY is a piano and drums duo, based in Zürich, Switzerland, consisting of Lucca Fries (piano) and Jonas Ruther (drums). The music they propose could just as well be the bastard child of trance-inducing West African drumming traditions and the minimalistic, contemporary, European, post-classical and experimental sensibilities – if the two were ever to cross-pollinate and were presented in the form of an immersive soundtrack. They are masters of improvisation who mine the present moment for its hidden truths and craft temporary, sonic spaces out of the fabric of space-time sculpted into staccato piano riffs and ecstatic waves of percussion.

»Seriously hypnotic music.«
Dave Summer, www.birdistheworm.com (US)

»Over an hour of addiction ensues and further cravings to return to this minimalistic music will never leave you.«
Andrew Halley, www.theprogressiveaspect.net (UK)


IKARUS by Olivier Baumann

IKARUS is a contemporary / groove / jazz quintet consisting of Ramón Oliveras (composition, drums), Anna Hirsch (vocals), Andreas Lareida (vocals), Lucca Fries (piano) and Mo Meyer (upright bass). Their singular sound is based on continuously permutating polyrhythms, fluctuating grooves, organic improvisations and an enchanting blend of male and female vocals. The compositions continue to evolve thanks to the nature of their live shows, and tend to reappear in new versions on their full-length records. To date, IKARUS released a total of three LPs on Nik Bärtsch’s boutique label Ronin Rhythm Records and toured Europe and Japan.